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“"There were tears at the end and a huge outpouring of love and emotion for a band that I’ve not witnessed before anywhere, I was running on empty, I was ready to drop but I had a huge grin on my face which I could see mirrored in the faces around me, now that's how to do an album launch."”

Midlands Rocks

“an album that is miles away from the pure power metal of the last album. There are still strong power elements within the music, but now a more expansive prog style has given the music a huge multi faceted feel. Power, prog and symphonic styles all come together in one grand opus....

....Coming as it does early on in the year, this album has set a benchmark for other to follow, I anticipate that by the end of the year, it will feature in many peoples top choice for 2016.


Midlands Rocks

“Every song has something special to offer with class shining through. You can feel the love and care taken with each track, the band honing and letting the song evolve....Dakesis is now a band that compete with the best of the Euro Power Metal bands 5/5”

Metal Rules

“Another stunning performance from you and to a packed house aswell. It's hard-working bands like you that we know for a fact, go above and beyond to spread the word to your own fans. This is what makes a night successful and we thank you for that.”

Dawn & Ian - Black Scorpian Promotions

“Yes they're cheesy, yes they're power metal, but who cares when you're grinning like a maniac all the way through their time on stage?”

Chop - Chop Music

“You never cease to amaze us with your stunning performances. 'PURE ENTERTAINMENT!”

Dawn & Ian - Black Scorpian Promotions

“Well, well, well... what a surprise. I wondered why the place suddenly filled with people emerging from all directions, but they knew something I didn't. DAKESIS were up next. These guys (well three guys and two girls actually) totally blew me away. Power metal is not my normal thing, but they're just so damned good that you really can't stop yourself enjoying them. They're polished; they're beyond competent with awesome technique, beautifully crafted home grown songs and stage presence that's off the scale. For me they were certainly the highlight of the whole night and the audience was in a state of frenzied appreciation by the time their last notes died.”

Maddi Isaacs - Reflections of Darkness

“By far the best unsigned band on the planet and quite possibly one of the best heavy metal / power metal bands ever. If you've never seen them live before, then you're seriously missing out on something fucking incredible. Dakesis: future LEGENDS of heavy metal in the making”

Dave Brunn - Dakesis Fan

“Something of a local legend, Dakesis are exceptionally highly regarded on the Birmingham metal scene and are currently riding high on a wave of success”

Jack Traveller -

“This is what happens when you take ridiculous amounts of talent and mix it with generous helpings of not-taking-yourselves-too-seriously. Power metal is supposed to be over-the-top and these folk certainly tick that box while remaining musically tight with some killer hooks. And a Keytar…And fireworks… And a song about Shepherd’s Pie…”

Cack Blabbath

“You can’t flaw the eager performance, or the band’s incredibly tight cohesiveness”

Richard Warrell - The Music Quarter

“A joy to behold in a genre that takes itself far too seriously. Bloodstock take note.”

Peter Keevil, Midlands Rocks

“Dakesis are seriously fun: power metal, keytars, fireworks, a song about shepherd’s pie, power lunges (my personal favourite), along with some good old fists-to-the-sky air punching… what more could you want?

Gemma Louise Harris - Deaf by Dawn

“Just pure genius, if Carlsberg made bands they would have been responsible for the birth of Dakesis.”

Red Imp

“Tracks like ‘After The Storm’ and ‘Wings Of Steel’ are delivered with such exuberance that even this grim-faced deathster eventually has to succumb to the sheer spectacle”

Phillip Whitehouse - One Metal

“If you see Dakesis and are not entertained, I contend that you are mentally incompetent.”

Alex Thompson - Captain Horizon

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