Super special prog epic edition record-a-song crowdfunding reward

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Have a song you’ve always wanted to hear us cover? Want to set us a challenge? (or have a giggle at our expense!)

We will do a full band cover of a song of your choice in complete Dakesis bombast!

The cover will be multi-track recorded and mixed, and you will be sent the only digital mp3 copy to do with as you please!

Keep it for yourself or share it with the world!

Limited to 1 song of any length. The Odyssey? Sure! Greatest Show on Earth? Gotcha! Supper’s Ready? Gemma will throw a tantrum but we will still do it!

The song will be recorded at CapsaArx studios in February 2020, and will be delivered on or before the 28.03.20.

Includes digital download, signed CD, Merch Bundle and a personal message from the band with commentary on the arrangement and recording of your song choice!