Fractures Album Crowdfunding Campaign
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Watch our video about the crowdfunding campaign for our new album “Fractures” or scroll down to see the whole range of merchandise and exclusive rewards available to order.

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Our Crowdfunding Story

***Update 29/10/19***

We are so thrilled to say that we hit 100% or our target in just over 12 hours – thank you all so much for your support! 


Our Crowdfunding Story

Our new album “Fractures” will be released worldwide on Saturday 28th March 2020, and you can be amongst the first to hear it by joining our crowdfunding pre-sale campaign from only £3.

Every single person who contributes receives a digital copy of the album two days before the official release, and all physical purchases will be sent out with a hand-written thank you from the band. 

As a very special thank you, we will also be including the names of the first 25 people to donate in the album notes, regardless of how much you spend. 

All pre-orders will be delivered on or before Saturday 28th March 2020. 

Our crowdfunding campaign will run until 31/12/19, so all orders placed before the end of the year will receive an early digital download of the album and guaranteed delivery on or before the release date. Orders placed after this date will be treated as general pre-sales.

Why Crowdfund?

We are and have always been, a true independent band with no external backing or funding. Crowdfunding allows us to connect with the people who love our music to ensure we can bring you the highest quality product possible.

From better quality merchandise to eco-friendly packaging, a higher production stage show and music videos and support for touring, every penny raised enables us to take this release one step further – and we want to go all the way! 

So how does it work? 

It’s sort of like pre-ordering the album, only there’s so much more on offer than just CDs and downloads. We’re offering our fans special limited and exclusive items and experiences, personalised rewards and much more.

The money you spend helps us fund the production, duplication and manufacturing, distribution and other expenses necessary for a release. By purchasing the album early, you are essentially helping us to make the album in the first place. 

We know that lots of people will prefer to listen to the album on Spotify, and hey – that’s cool, we listen to all our favourite music on Spotify too! But there are so many other ways you can help support us – like buying and wearing our merch, coming to our shows or even just adding us to your playlists and sharing our music and content online!

If everyone who saw this shared it with just one friend it would help us out so much!  

Collection at the Album Launch

Coming to the album launch in Birmingham, UK? Save on the postage AND the carbon footprint by collecting your purchase from the merch desk at the show! 

Finally, we want to thank you all so much for your friendship and support, and we can’t wait to share the next steps of our musical journey with the best fans in the world!

Gemma, Matt, Amie & Adam xoxo

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